Merchant’s Bank

Project: Merchant’s Bank
Location: Winona, MN
Scope: For more than 20 years Schwab Construction has been a partner in Merchant’s Bank growth. The East Lake Branch is the most recent result of the partnership. This branch bank is a 2,300 square foot building with a three lane drive-thru and ATM window. The exterior of the building is similar in style and construction materials to other additions and branches. Located near a main traffic route and busy retail area, this branch increases banking convenience for Merchants’ Bank customers. Other major projects include an addition that more than doubled the size of the main bank building in downtown Winona, a drive through bank adjacent to the main bank and a branch bank on the west end of Winona. Our team has also completed several renovations and expansions within the main bank.
Designer: OWA & W-Smith
Contractor: Schwab