Hal Leonard Corporation

Project: Hal Leonard Corporation
Location: Winona, MN
Scope: Hal Leonard Corporation needed some new space for warehousing their product. The new building offers over 165,000 square feet of space, which includes a 30′ tall racking system, a multi story raised storage platform, a conveying system and over 7,000 square feet of finished office space. The building has a mezzanine that is expandable for future office growth, both above and below the mezzanine floor, and the foundation was sized to accommodate expansion of the warehouse on the east end of the building. The building is protected with an ESFR sprinkler system, eliminating the need for smoke vents, smoke curtains and in rack sprinklers. The building is structural steel, consisting of columns, beams, joists and joist girders. The exterior of the building is a combination of precast wall panels, metal siding and aluminum storefront. The roof is an elastomeric membrane roof.

Schwab Construction provided pre-construction services to the owner to ensure that the building stayed on time and within budget through the construction stage.

Designer: OWA
Contractor: Schwab